EASY TikTok Life Hacks To Do When You're BORED! **they actually work**

I know a lot of you watching this are bored at home with everything going on around the world, so I hope these life hacks help you out!
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If you're reading this that means you noticed I changed the last line of my description and I STILL LOVE YOU :)

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  • like the video if ur bored. subscribe to become not bored. plz get me to 15 million subs. thx. :)

    FaZe RugFaZe Rug10 ngày trước
    • U met my dad before I swear to mylife

      Baneen AlzaidiBaneen Alzaidi6 ngày trước
    • That accent had me dead 💀 lmao

      Qrisp YTQrisp YT6 ngày trước
    • You are exposed to shake the bottle for it to work

      XxoofxX :3XxoofxX :37 ngày trước
    • MrBeast mrbeast

      John RobertsonJohn Robertson7 ngày trước
    • I sent the buble blowing one on my tik tok @marcus_macleod_21

      Marcus MacLeodMarcus MacLeod7 ngày trước
  • the chapstick one works better with carmex btw

    Frosted OxFrosted Ox49 phút trước
  • The water bottle one it’s that u have to shake the water bottle

    Mira HabibMira HabibGiờ trước
  • If you don't wash your hands you will get clapped trust me

  • Hi

    Icey 5Icey 5Giờ trước
  • What are you Brennen Taylor lol jk love u rug

    Jonathan WardJonathan Ward4 giờ trước
  • when he said i always keep a penny on me me:Black air force 1's mode active

    Revek K1N0Revek K1N04 giờ trước
  • Who else is bored but not bored enough to do something productive?

    Cathy CarreraCathy Carrera5 giờ trước
  • I’m am so dumb rug smells the hand sanitizer and then puts it on the camera in I smell the screen lol😂😂😂

    Eiddie RuizEiddie Ruiz6 giờ trước
  • Rug, the water freezing wasn’t working because you you kept touching the balllon. Love all your stuff but that was cringey to watch lol try it again with a smaller hole and don’t touch it while it’s draining!! Stay safe rug!

    Ken GoodwinKen Goodwin7 giờ trước
  • When your in quarantine

    B0T L1F3 1S A N00BB0T L1F3 1S A N00B7 giờ trước
  • the water ballon freezing one worked for me

    Lilit SargsyanLilit Sargsyan8 giờ trước
  • My gamemate got a perfect tut to grab supporters by looking for " *team yadakjoo* " and worked.🤪 Enjoy it!.🤗

    Velma UptonVelma Upton9 giờ trước
  • dom as

    kayla paratenekayla paratene10 giờ trước
  • do the bloody merry callange

    Harsh JassalHarsh Jassal10 giờ trước
  • Hey do an accent challenge

    remya smohanremya smohan10 giờ trước
  • You should put a lot more solt

    Yousef HatabYousef Hatab11 giờ trước
  • i dont know how to tie a balloon

    Lori WatsonLori Watson11 giờ trước
  • I wnow this

    Dom SavilleDom Saville11 giờ trước
  • Get back to fortnite

    Patriot DudePatriot Dude12 giờ trước
  • Faze rug this is my 8th iphone Me this is my first banana

    Osaid amerOsaid amer12 giờ trước
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> are you dumb

    Matin PirsamadiMatin Pirsamadi12 giờ trước
  • faze rug i heard you say at the end i hope did not enjoy the video

    Yazmin CruzYazmin Cruz13 giờ trước
  • i love the handsanitizer hack

    Yazmin CruzYazmin Cruz13 giờ trước
  • It does work the one with the chapstick you are supposed to get a brand new chapstick

    David HempenDavid Hempen13 giờ trước
  • Haha

    Hdjsjsj JdjjdbakcHdjsjsj Jdjjdbakc13 giờ trước
  • You copied stokes twins

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="944">15:44</a> did anyone else see this editing mistake? I didn’t get to see the whole video because of this...

    Vincent bobVincent bob15 giờ trước
    • it wasn't a mistake, if u were to come earlier u would hear it, but I think he had to edit it out for copyright reasons.

      UnknownUnknown13 giờ trước
  • You need carmex chapstick for the spicy hack

    Fiona FerozFiona Feroz17 giờ trước
  • You are post to shake the bottle

    Ishrak MohammedIshrak Mohammed18 giờ trước

    ENFLICTTENFLICTT20 giờ trước
  • Hello

    ༼ᥧབབས༽ ԲԾԻՊՍԼՃ༼ᥧབབས༽ ԲԾԻՊՍԼՃ20 giờ trước
  • Where I live pool noodles don't have holes sea noodles (we *can* use em in the sea too)

    Θανάσης ΓούσιοςΘανάσης Γούσιος20 giờ trước
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="787">13:07</a> did he call Kaylen babe??? 🥺✨🥺❤️❤️ship

    Sarah AlmaguerSarah Almaguer22 giờ trước
  • U used the wrong chapstick

    Fatima LaraFatima Lara22 giờ trước
  • hi

  • Salt in water works

    RF WizardRF Wizard22 giờ trước
  • I tried the soqpnone and it was cool as hell

    Xavier AyresXavier Ayres22 giờ trước
  • Faze rug:this is my 8 iPhone Me:iphone7 half broken

    Jorge FelixJorge Felix22 giờ trước
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="192">3:12</a> who saw the salt behind him

    ShrekdabeastShrekdabeastNgày trước
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="955">15:55</a> He Lied

    Austin BrandenburgAustin BrandenburgNgày trước
  • Laminar flow Ballon works

    ShrekdabeastShrekdabeastNgày trước
  • Isint frozen water ice

    B3rdoB3rdoNgày trước
  • Hi sorry to not subscribe you

    Sonia MoralesSonia MoralesNgày trước
  • I want to be TikTok famous

    Ximena ReyesXimena ReyesNgày trước
  • Love it

    Ximena ReyesXimena ReyesNgày trước
  • Great video

    Ximena ReyesXimena ReyesNgày trước
  • At the end of your vid you should say faze out

    Pro ChickenPro ChickenNgày trước
  • The guy that made the chapstick tick tok got you very bad

    Sally SKSally SKNgày trước
  • ❤❤😍😱❤❤❤❤😱😱

    Rehab El henawyRehab El henawyNgày trước
  • Faze your doing them wrong.

    Watermelon ChannelWatermelon ChannelNgày trước
  • Am I the i only one who noticed him say g*d d*mn it like it’s usually bleeped out or something

    Maria AliceaMaria AliceaNgày trước
  • Laminar flow***^

    Ram GraciaRam GraciaNgày trước
  • To make the balloon work you needed to make the balloon smaller

    Bella Di deaBella Di deaNgày trước
  • Faze Rug the life hack you did from chapstick you need to use carmax straberry flavor

    Hector MartinezHector MartinezNgày trước
  • I’m always bored rug “sniff sniff”

    NeonScytheNeonScytheNgày trước
  • Hey guys quick disclaimer please don’t try out life hack 3 as it can be dangerous and kill you or even poison you as your blowing into Soap and like Rug said soap goes on your eyes face etc and even in your mouth so if it does and you swallow even a bit of it it can poison you and probably kill you so please don’t try it for your safety please don’t. Like share this and Rug if you can please pin this comment just trying to share this to everyone so no one tries it as it can poison you and be deadly.

    F1iX2ZOn60FPSシF1iX2ZOn60FPSシNgày trước
  • How does this guy still exist...

    Cassi CookeCassi CookeNgày trước
  • At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="509">8:29</a> What are you doing ? I’m TaLKinG Me: 😂💀

    reem Safieddinereem SafieddineNgày trước
  • The 2 is true

    Katherine RuizKatherine RuizNgày trước
  • When he shout oww his face turn Soo Redd <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="486">8:06</a>

    DBgamingDBgamingNgày trước
  • Faze rug did you ever in your life when you do the spicy challenges water makes it worse and worse 😨😨😱😱😨😨

    Johanna CervantesJohanna CervantesNgày trước
  • the stoke twins copied this thumb nail

    cameron sorrentinocameron sorrentinoNgày trước
  • That’s cool 😎

    S - MalayalyS - MalayalyNgày trước
  • For the water bottle flip you shake the bottle before you flip it

    Miguel Hernandez Jr.Miguel Hernandez Jr.Ngày trước
  • I think rug said babe to kaylen when he was in the bathroom ballon life hack

    Anthony VergaraAnthony VergaraNgày trước
  • Faze rug it works but u need to put all the salt in that you have and then shake it for 5 or 7 minutes

    Onaisur RahamanOnaisur RahamanNgày trước
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="693">11:33</a> your not

    Top rap beatsTop rap beatsNgày trước
  • U havw to shake the bottotle

    Tyler-Michael JamesTyler-Michael JamesNgày trước
  • What happened to kalyn no offence she hasn't been in your recent vids btw love ur channel best youtuber

    Aatakah AliAatakah AliNgày trước
  • Now. FaZe Rug

    hector arguetahector arguetaNgày trước
  • FaZe Rug I subcribed

    CJ Sky CJ CJ CJCJ Sky CJ CJ CJNgày trước
  • FaZe Rug: Frozen water? Intellects like me: that is laminar flow!!

    Alfred EverythingAlfred EverythingNgày trước
    • Bruh, its linear flow 😂

      Spit FireSpit Fire10 giờ trước
  • U used the wrong chapstick its supposed to be a Carmex chapstick

    My_Life_ Sarah lolMy_Life_ Sarah lolNgày trước
  • Things to do when your bored is watch faze rug that is what I always do

    Jared KennardJared KennardNgày trước
  • Hey rug some of ur failed life hacks works on the other youtubers

    GhinuGhinuNgày trước
  • I don't know how to tie a balloon like if you don't either :(

    Neil ClementsNeil ClementsNgày trước
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> you have to shake it first tho

    Ahxela Ellocin OrucseAhxela Ellocin OrucseNgày trước
  • lola got so big lol

    Gisenia Quiles AcevedoGisenia Quiles AcevedoNgày trước
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> 💯

    Agile CaddyAgile CaddyNgày trước