Sia - Together (from the motion picture Music)

Come now set the past on fire 🔥 Together is out everywhere now!
This is the first single from Sia’s upcoming album and from the motion picture Music. Sia wrote + directed the film, and wrote 10 original songs for it. The film stars Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., Maddie Ziegler & more.
Put your 🎧 on and welcome to the world of Music 🌈
Director: Sia
Producers: Vincent Landay, Jason Baum, Will Weiske
Director of Photography: Wyatt Troll
Camera Operator (Steadicam): Ari Robbins
Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Production Designer: Leigh Poindexter
Visual Effects Supervisor: Janelle Croshaw
Color Timer: Timothy Stipan, Company 3
Kate Hudson
Leslie Odom Jr.
Maddie Ziegler
Beto Calvillo
Mary Kay Place
and Hector Elizondo
Dance Ensemble:
Alyssa Gore
Angelina Capozzoli
Artyon Celestine
Cody Copley
Lily Rose Silver
Noah Citek
River Sadlon
Sophia Frilot
Valentina Acosta
Twitter: sia Instagram: siamusic
Facebook: siamusic
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I can hear the thunder
Coming from your mouth
And I know my number's up
Give me some Stevie Wonder
Quick put it on before we go under
I can see the lightning
Coming from your ears yeah I see you're frightened
I can see the lion
Sleeps tonight in the tears you're crying
Can't love me unless you love you too
Treat yourself like nothing but a fool
Can't love me unless you love you too
Love you too
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
I can see the rainbow
Coming from your heart and it's all ok so
Come now see you're my angel
Say bye to the past, hello to tomorrow
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
We can take it higher
#Sia #Together #Music

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