Three Aussies React to Toilet Paper Wall Challenge

Hi guys! Welcome to our very first video on our new channel! Here we challenged 3 very unruly Aussies to jump over a tower of toilet paper . Watch to see how they handled the challenge...
PS: don’t worry, no toilet paper was wasted during the making of this video :)

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  • Does it annoy anyone else that he says Aussie like ohsi and not like Oz

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  • GG

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  • I came from fortnite syphers vid

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  • Sorry but i am new to syphers dogs, so why is the channel called "life with aussies"(not to be rude)

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  • Music is kinda annoying/repetitive

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  • Now i know where all the shelves of toilet paper went🤪😹

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  • This is honestly such a toilet paper flex.

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    • that is satisfying

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  • 1 vs 1 for TP prizes?

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  • How you get all this toilet paper

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  • Why no sound effects like this on Sypher's channel

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  • Your rich you have toilet paper

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  • Have I just watched dogs jump over TP for 5mins?

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  • Plz sum tp

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  • My dog is one tomorrow I'm so exited🐕♥️🐾

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  • We're did this man's get so much to did he have big poops or sum

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  • that is satisfying

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  • *so that’s where all the toilet paper went*

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  • I have an Australian Shepard who looks just like Yuna. Same pattern, eyes, and everything! So cute!!

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  • Is this about dogs or how much tolit paper you have

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  • So this is where all the toilet paper went

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  • You are the reason I can’t poop

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  • so thats where all the toilet paper went

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  • so cute sypher who edited

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  • Hi can I borrow that toilet paper

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  • i can t even jump that high

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  • How is Yuna making those jumps?

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  • This was just sypher tryna flex his toilet paper

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  • Love it

  • Imagine how long it took sypher to train these dogs.

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  • Toilet paper challenge during corona

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